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Criselda Sy Magical 18th

Believe me, this was a surprise party, how did we pull it off? I don’t know. The people who planned this  has executed it very well. Hahaha! its really funny because I even have a participation in the over all act, I  pretended to be a hotel photographer that they just called for the day for a family pictorial
Criselda, didn’t want a big party, but her family and friends doesn’t want her 18th birthday to just pass without a blast. Her family told her that will just have a nice dinner at Paparazzi without her knowing that there is already a big party awaiting her.
She first wondered why there was a make up artist if this was just a simple dinner.  She thought that this is for her sisters engagement. I think her mom just told her that they want it special or something that is why they hired a make up artist. Then came the lousy photographer (ehem!), I was told by the Marex that I need to pretend to be a hotel photographer hired for the minute to take some nice family picture.  I was able to do the solo shots by saying that everyone will have a solo pictorial downstairs and she just needs to go first since her make up was done.  After the solo shot and family pictorial, I went back to paparazzi to wait for the big surprise!
The photos below will tell you the rest of the story…..